Suraj Ravindran

Suraj Ravindran

Suraj Ravindran

Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics


Akerman Hall
Room 226
110 Union Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of South Carolina, 2018

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, IIT Mumbai, India, 2011

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Kerala, India, 2008

Professional Background

Starting August 30,  2022: Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, University of Minnesota

October 2018 to August 2022: Postdoctoral Scholar, California Institute of Technology

July 2011 to July 2013: Edison Engineer, General Electric Aviation


Research Interests

Materials in high speed flight, armor protection, and energy applications are subjected to extreme pressures, strain rates, and temperatures. Professor Ravi’s research aims to understand the multiscale mechanics of materials under such extreme loading conditions by developing new experiments and utilizing advanced computational tools. Ravi uses plate impact, laser-driven impact, and Kolsky bar experiments with diagnostic tools such as ultra-high-speed imaging, X-ray diffraction, photonic Doppler velocimeter (PDV), and digital image correlation (DIC) to study the mechanics of materials at disparate lengths (nm-mm) and time scales (ns-µs). The advanced materials of particular interest are ceramics, glass, advanced alloys, structural composites, metamaterials, energetic materials, foams, and polymers.


Honors and Awards

R. E. Peterson Award for the best paper published in Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials, 2021.

Breakthrough Graduate Scholar Award for outstanding research scholar, University of South Carolina, 2018.

R. E. Peterson Award for the best paper published in Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials, 2018.

Engineering Excellence Award from General Electric Aviation for the sump design of GEnx Aircraft Engine, 2011.

Selected Publications

Ravindran, S., Gandhi, V., Lovinger, Z., Mello, M., and Ravichandran, G., 2021. Dynamic strength of copper at high pressures using pressure shear plate experiments. Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials, 7(2), pp.248-261.

Ravindran, S., Lovinger, Z., Gandhi, V., Mello, M., and Ravichandran, G., 2020. Strength of magnesium at high pressures and strain rates. Extreme Mechanics Letters, 41, p.101044.

Ravindran, S., Sockalingam, S., Kodagali, K., Kidane, A., Sutton, M.A., Justusson, B. and Pang, J., 2020. Mode-I behavior of adhesively bonded composite joints at high loading rates. Composites Science and Technology, 198, p.108310.

Ravindran, S., Tessema, A., Kidane, A., and Jordan, J., 2019. Weak-shock wave propagation in polymer-based particulate composites. Journal of Applied Physics, 125(14), p.145104.

Ravindran, S., Koohbor, B., Malchow, P., and Kidane, A., 2018. Experimental characterization of compaction wave propagation in cellular polymers. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 139, pp.270-282.

Ravindran, S., Tessema, A. and Kidane, A., 2017. Multiscale damage evolution in polymer-bonded sugar under dynamic loading. Mechanics of Materials, 114, pp.97-106.

Ravindran, S., Koohbor, B. and Kidane, A., 2017. Experimental characterization of meso‐scale deformation mechanisms and the RVE size in plastically deformed carbon steel. Strain53(1), p.e12217.

Ravindran, S., Tessema, A. and Kidane, A., 2016. Note: Dynamic meso-scale full field surface deformation measurement of heterogeneous materials. Review of Scientific Instruments87(3), p.036108.

Ravindran, S., Tessema, A. and Kidane, A., 2016. Local deformation and failure mechanisms of polymer bonded energetic materials subjected to high strain rate loading. Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials2(1), pp.146-156.

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