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Graduates of aerospace engineering and mechanics play a key role in the advancement of society, performing work that touches our lives in countless ways beyond aircraft and spacecraft design alone. They develop state of the art systems and new technologies used in the biomedical, computer and automotive industries.  They make it possible to explore space and oceans, to carry people and products around the world, and to communicate globally.

With a stellar reputation and strong research focus that yields real-world breakthroughs, the University of Minnesota (UMN) Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM) Department is the premier destination for transforming active learners into lifelong contributors.

What will I study?

Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics Propulsion Aerospace System Design Instrumentation and Experiments
Flight Mechanics and Control Structures and Materials Aerodynamics Orbital Mechanics


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Your first-year experience will be challenging, exciting, and fun. It will allow you to explore your passions through the CSE 1001 First Year Experience course taught by staff, faculty, and undergraduate peers. You can also attend freshmen seminars led by professors and industry professionals.  You will meet students across the College’s 18 majors and participate in activities that will help you finalize your preferred major. You'll learn things that you'll use throughout your life, meet new people, make life-long friends, study subjects you didn't even know existed, and broaden your horizons to include new ideas and abilities. You will learn science and mathematics to provide a foundation for engineering sciences and aerospace design. You will also experience courses that emphasize teamwork and hands-on experiences. Core classes focus on solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and flight dynamics. Students learn how to work on aerodynamic and propulsion systems or create medical devices and military hardware, for example. In your last year, you will focus on a specific area through technical electives, specialized labs with modern computer based tools, and a capstone design project. Learn more about our courses.

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Why choose AEM?


As a student in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, you will...

  1. Surround yourself with faculty and students from all around the world who are researching and developing new technologies to be used in aerospace, biomedical, computer, and automotive industries, among others.Learn more about our faculty & research.
  2. Continue the department's tradition of excellence as one of the first ten aerospace engineering programs accredited nationwide. Learn more about our history.
  3. Flex your problem-solving skills through one of our numerous hands-on learning experiences. Be a builder, be a creator, or be a researcher with support from award-winning faculty and business leaders. Learn more about these opportunities
  4. Take advantage of state-of-the-art laboratories, including multi-disciplinary, collaborative research centers. Learn more about our facilities.





Project Engineer Professor Sales Engineer Aircraft Design Engineer Structural Test and Stress Analyst
Propulsion Engineer Flight Test Engineer Wind Tunnel Engineer Spacecraft Design Engineer Research Scientist


Job opportunities for AEM Majors are found not only at traditional aerospace companies, but also within a variety of other engineering and scientific fields, including many areas of mechanical engineering. 


See also:  Undergraduate Research and Internship Opportunities

CSE Career Center provides resources to help you find career opportunities.

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Some Organizations Who Employ Recent BAEM Graduates

Boeing Co., Seattle WA

Malibu Aerospace, Anoka, MN

Inconen, Los Angeles, CA and Wichita, KS

Eaton Corporation Eden Prairie, MN 

Aero Systems, St. Paul, MN

Lockheed-Martin, Houston, TX

Parametric Technology Co., Minneapolis, MN

Caterpillar, Peoria, IL

United Defense, Minneapolis, MN

Honeywell Co., Minneapolis, MN

Rockwell, CA

Westinghouse, Round Rock, TX

NASA Washington, D.C.

United Space Alliance Houston, TX

General Motors Detroit, MI 

Pratt & Whitney East Hartford, CT

Jet Propulsion Laboratory La Cañada Flintridge, California

Explore Campus and Twin Cities Activities & Living Learning Communities

Campus Activities

It is important to keep a healthy work life balance. We encourage you to get involved in campus activities as well as learn more about the surrounding area.

If you are inspired by a big challenge, you've come to the right place! Set on the banks of the Mississippi River and surrounded by a vibrant metropolitan community with agricultural roots, the U of M's Twin Cities campus is a place for seekers in all fields. Read more on Arts and Culture; Student Groups and Activities; Recreation and Wellness; and Getting Around:

Twin Cities Attractions

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area strikes a great balance between city-cool and eco-friendly, and between history and hip. Discover the Twin Cities through attractions like the Science Museum of Minnesota, the Minnesota History Center, Guthrie Theater, Mill City Museum and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Explore the possibilities.


Ninety percent of first year students live on campus.  The U of MN offers a freshmen housing guarantee.   CSE specific living and learning communities include:

  • Taylor House for Science and Engineeirng
  • Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) House
  • STEM Diversity House
  • University Honors Housing
  • Transfer House

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