Hysitron TI 980 TriboIndenter


The Triboindenter performs indentation tests by driving a diamond indenter into the specimen surface and dynamically collecting the applied force and displacement data.  Material properties are derived from the load and depth data.  Specimens are typically relatively smooth and flat.

Some specific features and capabilities of the system are 

  • Indentation, compression, and scratch testing at loads ranging from a few µN to 10 N
  • Quantitative, localized mechanical properties: elastic modulus, hardness, creep, stress relaxation, fracture toughness
  • Same probe to both raster the sample surface for topography imaging and conduct nanomechanical analysis, providing immediate post-test observation of material deformation behavior
  • XPM: speeds of up to 6 nanoindentation measurements/ second, enabling property mapping and distributional statistics in short periods of time
  • nanoDMA: continuous measurement of elastic-plastic and viscoelastic properties as a function of indentation depth, frequency, and time
  • nanoscratch: ultra-sensitive force and displacement measurements in both normal and lateral directions on microstructures and interfaces as well as film-substrate interfacial adhesion characterization