ISyE Seminar Series: Kristopher Purens

"Geospatial Big Data Analytics for Business and Conservation"

Presentation by Kristopher Purens
Descartes Labs

Wednesday, November 20
3:15pm - Refreshments, Lind Hall 305
3:30pm - Graduate Seminar, Lind Hall 305



What is the role of Big Data for sustainability? With a background in paleontology, environmental science, and mass extinctions, Kristopher will talk about how corporate scientists can use geospatial analytics to help companies find sustainable solutions, while also helping the organizations become more efficient. With a rapid increase in the number of Earth observation satellites in the past decade, geospatial analysis is entering a new era where Big Data tools are necessary to analyze and create value from this data. From classic use cases of crop monitoring, new satellites sensor types are empowering organizations to understand carbon cycle, pollutant emissions, see through clouds, and more. 



With a PhD in paleontology, Kristopher was on the forefront of using machine learning to fuse paleoenvironmental and life history data to understand ancient mass extinctions and climate catastrophes. Kristopher took that skill set to Shell Oil, where he worked as a data scientist to discover new petroleum deposits, before moving to Minnesota where he worked in the General Mills center of excellence for Data Science, seeking to find ways to improve their supply chain processes. Now, Kristopher is at Descartes Labs, a top geospatial startup, where he is working to combine his interests in conservation, efficiency, and natural science. 


Seminar Video:

Start date
Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019, 3:15 p.m.

Lind Hall
Room 305