Teaching Assistant Application and Information

Apply to be a Teaching Assistant

Students interested in becoming a Teaching Assistant (TA) for the upcoming semester should fill out an application. Please note that all TAs, regardless of experience, must be available to work one week before and one week after the course term. 

To complete an application, students must log in with their University of Minnesota Internet (x-500) ID.

Priority for TA positions is typically given to PhD students. The number of TA positions in a given semester depends upon class enrollments.

Spring application deadline: December 4

FAQs about the Teaching Assistant Application Process

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I received an offer for a position. What does the appointment % mean?

The Teaching Assistant Appointment System

Below explains what the most common appointments mean.

  • 25% appointment
    • 10 hours/wk
    • half-time employment for students
    • eligibility for health insurance
    • 1/2 tuition waiver
    • 1/2 of semester monetary stipend
  • 50% appointment
    • 20 hours/wk
    • full-time employment for students
    • eligibility for health insuranc
    • full tuition waiver
    • entire semester monetary stipend

How does the process of assigning Teaching Assistants work?

Each semester, the ISyE Director of Graduate Studies makes TA assignments, working in consultation with the ISyE Department Head, ISyE faculty members, and ISyE course instructors. 

I do not have an English Language Proficiency rating yet. Can I still apply for a position?

Yes.  However, once you know the date you will take the test, contact the Director of Graduate Studies so your application can be updated. Please go to this site for an Overview of Spoken English Testing and TA Eligibility.

Resources for Current Teaching Assistants

FERPA (pdf)
As a TA, this federal statute directly affects you. See what actions you need to take to stay in compliance.