Management of UNITE/Instructional Designers/Academic Technologists
Mark Kayser (

UNITE Student and Faculty Engagement 
Melissa Haroza (
Ron Fitch (

  • Handles the day-to-day operation
  • Contact for registration
  • Liaison between the instructors and the students in distribution of homework, examinations, and any problems concerning the courses officered over the system
  • Manage the UNITE web site
  • Problems with access to streaming video courses
  • Scheduling of classes
  • General problem solving
  • Faculty and program consultation for integration of teaching with technology for online, hybird and face-to-face courses 

UNITE Master Control 
Jim Sustacek (
Grace Waskow (

  • Handles the technical end of the UNITE
  • Transmission/reception difficulties: audio, video, streaming video and podcasts 
  • Videoconferencing: scheduling, room set-up, and support

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UNITE Distributed Learning 
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