UNITE Streaming Video and Downloads

UNITE offers live and asynchronous access to course lectures for students who enroll in a UNITE section of a course. 

Live Access: Streaming Video 
For live lectures, UNITE streams video to your computer (a sufficient internet connection is required).  

Asynchronous Access: Streaming Video Archives and Downloads
Streaming Video archives also require a sufficient internet connection while viewing, or upon request, UNITE-enrolled students can download video and audio files to their computer, iPad or other device.  Use our RSS feeds to automate the download schedule. 

The streaming video archives and downloads are typically available about an hour after each course session and are available until the last day of Finals Week for that semester.

This is designed to afford UNITE-enrolled students courses any time/any place access. Students can view course meetings live as streaming videos and contact the instructor live via phone. Access to streaming video archives, downloadable video and audio files are typically available within an hour of the end of each class meeting. Access to streaming video archives and podcasts end with the final exam (and you need to delete any downloaded material from the semester, see Policies).