Troubleshoot UNITE Media

First, check the UNITE System Requirements for accessing UNITE Media link in the "More About Troubleshooting Media" (in the box on this page).

Then, after checking the UNITE System Requirements, we find that the majority of issues students encounter when accessing UNITE Media (live streaming video, streaming video archives, downloadable video and audio podcasts) are solved through one of the three HELP! answers link in the "More About Troubleshooting Media" box on this page.

Do note that access to UNITE media varies by enrollment.  Generally, those enrolled in courses through UNITE will have access to all UNITE Media; those enrolled in the on-campus section will have access to the streaming video archives, if the instructor has approved (see the UNITE Streaming Video Access for On-Campus Students link in the "More About Troubleshooting Media" box on this page.).

Still seeking a solution?  

If you cannot find an answer, submit a UNITE Trouble Report for the quickest and most accurate technical assistance with UNITE media.