How UNITE Works

Streaming Video and Podcasts 

UNITE-registered students may access course lectures as live streaming video, as streaming video-on-demand archives and as downloadable video and audio podcasts. The archived streaming presentations and downloadable podcasts are available within an hour after each course session. Students pick up every detail of the professor’s notes and visual aids via cameras mounted around the on-campus classroom and directly over the lecture desk. 

Delivery of this material is supported by state-of-the-art streaming video server and podcasting software and hardware technology. Viewing of courses utilizes free client software on the learner’s personal computer.

Course Materials and Exams

All handouts, assignments, notes and exams are delivered to and from you through UNITE.  UNITE-enrolled students typically submit homework through email to the UNITE office or directly to instructors and TAs through a Univeristy of Minnesota online Learning Management System (Canvas) .  If submitted to UNITE through email, we confirm receipt, record, track and transfer your homework to the course instructor and/or teaching assistants and return it to you.  

Exams are taken synchronously with the on-campus section offering with a UNITE-approved live proctor when the instructor is holding in-class exams. This program is designed to afford any-time, any-play delivery of courses to on-campus and distance learners across the country.

For UNITE courses requiring student class presentations, we work with faculty for no-cost solutions for UNITE students such as University-based video conferencing for live presentations and other strategies for recorded presentations.