UNITE Student Policies

For All Students Enrolled through UNITE

Please be aware of these policies:

  • UNITE media assets are the intellectual property of the course instructor. The University of Minnesota holds the copyright to the recordings.

    Attempting to distribute (including to others enrolled in the course), view classes concurrently or access recordings of classes in which you are not registered is strictly prohibited. Users attempting unauthorized access of UNITE classes will be prohibited indefinitely from access to all UNITE media. 

    Additionally, in regard to the use of UNITE media:
    • You may only access classes for which you are registered;
    • Access to UNITE streaming video archives and podcasts is granted only through the end of the semester (date of final for the class);
    • You must delete all downloaded UNITE lectures at the end of the semester;
  • You are responsible for all information sent to your University of Minnesota email account.  This is the University's official means of communication with students.
  • Enrollment through UNITE is limited to students who are located in the United States during the semester for which they are registering. Short-term travel during the semester will require instructor and UNITE approval in the event of exams, approved in advance of the semester.
  • Any changes to a UNITE enrollment (i.e., grading or cancellation) must be done through the University's UNITE Student and Faculty Engagement office at the Twin Cities campus.
  • You may need to purchase software as you would purchase a textbook.  UNITE does not provide software nor funding for software. 

    Some software is available for student use as part of licensing partnerships to be used in campus computer labs, downloaded to student computers or accessed online through application servers.  Some professors may also suggest free or trial software alternatives for completing projects.

    Your professor will inform you of any software requirements for courses and options for obtaining software.  UNITE will inform students of special software needs - those not available for off-campus use through CSELabs nor available as cost-free downloads or trial versions - as soon as we learn of these.  However, UNITE is not always informed of these special software needs.
  • The University bills students electronically and does not send out paper billing statements. A few weeks after the term begins, an e-mail message will be sent to your University email account stating your bill is ready to be viewed online. This will list your current billing, as well as any outstanding charges.
    • BILLING DUE DATE: Check your billing statement before the billing due date. If you have questions regarding your bill for the current term, please check with the UNITE office IMMEDIATELY so we can check into for you. While we are checking, you are to make payments as required, so late payment fees/installment fees are not charged to your account. If you do discover a billing error, you need to contact UNITE by the first due date of the semester in order for us to help correct the billing.
  • You are responsible for knowing all rules and regulations that pertain to the particular college or program in which you are enrolled. 
  • Graduate students must adhere to the Graduate School's Policies and Procedures when changing grade/adding/dropping a course.  
  • You are responsible for knowing the University's Registration/Cancellation Deadlines and the University's Billing Dates and Policies
  • To be eligible for the University-based Student Health Benefit Plan, you need to be enrolled in a degree program and registered for six or more credits in on-campus course sections (or three or more credits during summer semester). Enrollment through UNITE does not count toward the credit count. See the Student Health Benefit (http://shb.umn.edu/health-plans/shbp-home) for complete details.

Other Helpful UNITE Information and Guidelines

  • Please refer to the UNITE Student Guide (.pdf format). You will find answers to common questions as well as UNITE procedures and policies.
  • Please use the UNITE Homework Cover Sheet (.pdf with form fields) when submitting all homework, quizzes, exams, etc. to the UNITE office.  Use this UNITE cover sheet for email submissions.  This insures you receive proper credit for your work.
  • Please have your proctor use the UNITE Proctor Cover Sheet (.pdf with form fields) when submitting all quizzes and exams to the UNITE office.  Use this UNITE cover sheet for email submissions.  This insures you receive proper credit for your work.
  • ONE STOP: As UNITE students, the University of Minnesota treats you as a regular on-campus student. As such, it is mandatory that you start using OneStop Student Services. One Stop is a home page of links to general information for students.
  • All examinations and quizzes must be taken on the day and time scheduled by the course instructor, either at your location with a UNITE-approved, in-person proctor (proctor approved in advance) or by coming to campus to take exams and quizzes with on-campus students (students must obtain instructor approval to take the exam with the on-campus section). In the event that the student chooses a fee-based proctoring service, the student is liable any fees.
  • By registering for UNITE classes, you enter into a legally binding contract to pay all tuition and fees, including any non-refundable fees.