UNITE System Requirements

UNITE media are delivered online as H.264 video streams and files, viewable on devices (computers, tablets) with a modern web browser or podcast aggregator (such as iTunes). 

To view the streams and/or files, you will need:

  • An Internet Browser

    Update your web browser to the current version.  UNITE streams as HTML5 files, which any modern web browser handles (we recommend Firefox or Chrome).
  • A consistent Internet connection speed of 2.5 Mbps or greater for live streaming; 768 kbps for archive streaming

    Use the UNITE Bandwidth Tester to estimate your connection speed, or consult your Internet provider or network administrator.
  • Podcast Aggregator/Viewer (for podcasts)

    A podcast aggregator/viewer such as iTunes (for Mac and Windows) is required only for subscribing to RSS feeds or viewing downloaded podcasts.

Important Firewall Information:
UNITE HTML5 streaming video should be able to stream through most firewalls. However, students who plan to view the lectures at their work site are advised to check with their company's network systems administrator concerning firewall issues.

Suggested display resolution:
UNITE recommends 1280 x 720 or higher for best results.