The UNITE Advantage

The Student Advantage

UNITE students never have to leave work early to make it to class on time or worry about finding a parking spot on campus. Even while traveling or when critical work assignments prevent live viewing students stay up-to-date through UNITE’s web delivery option. These are only a few advantages UNITE offers by bringing the University of Minnesota's College of Science and Engineering classes to you.

UNITE also allows students to:

  • Complete your master’s degree easily and conveniently within your place of business and at home;
  • Stay abreast of the latest advances in your field through for-credit or non-credit courses, seminars, and short courses;
  • Remain at the cutting edge of your profession or "retool” and change your area of specialization;
  • Continue your education without commuting to the University, leaving your job, or taking a leave of absence;
  • Learn from the highly acclaimed University of Minnesota resident faculty;
  • Become a more valuable, promotable, marketable employee within your company;
  • Access the University of Minnesota Libraries;
  • Select an advisor who helps you plan your course work and reviews your progress;

The Corporate Advantage 

There is no doubt that technological progress creates an ever increasing need for continuing employee education if companies are to remain competitive and at the cutting edge. There is also little doubt that companies – both large and small – cannot meet all of those educational needs internally. At the same time, increasingly long work days have managed to deter even highly motivated employees from pursuing additional education, simply because they lack the time. 

UNITE offers a convenient, effective, cost-efficient solution to these concerns. UNITE:

  • Eliminates the need to leave the work place and reduces time taken away from the workday;
  • Enhances the value of employees by keeping them at the height of their professions;
  • Attracts new, desirable talent and helps retain top-quality employees by proving tangible concern for employee development and satisfaction;
  • Provides an added benefit to employees by allowing them to receive degree credit for their educational efforts;
  • Reduces costly private professional seminars and related travel expenses;
  • Reduces the loss of valuable employees who either resign or take educational leaves of absence to continue their education;