Undergraduate Credit Enrollment through UNITE

For University of Minnesota Undergraduate Students

(Note: If you are considering enrolling in a course through UNITE to transfer into a program at another college or university, follow the information for Guests of the University of Minnesota Enrollment).

College of Science and Engineering students enrolling in a UNITE section for undergraduate credit may need permission of their undergraduate advisor to enroll through UNITE.  Submit the UNITE Registration Form and UNITE will contact the appropriate advisor.

Complete and submit the UNITE Registration Form:
UNITE Registration Form for Students (online form) 

Undergraduate Course Time Conflict:

For course time conflicts, UNITE follows the University policy requiring approval of instructors of the courses when courses (UNITE sections and on-campus sections) have a time conflict.  As UNITE sections "piggyback" on the on-campus section of a course, students enrolled the UNITE section of a course are required to take exams same time/same day as the students enrolled in the on-campus section of that course.

For Undergraduate students, contact the instructors with a single email message requesting their approval for the conflict and forward their approvals to UNITE.  Without the approval of instructors, UNITE cannot enroll students where a scheduling conflict exists.

If you have any questions about enrolling, please call or send an email message to us.