Guests of the University Enrollment

Guests are students enrolling in a credit course who will not apply to a program of study at the University of Minnesota.  For example, a student enrolling in a course to transfer into their program at a different institution or a current student or working professional who wishes to audit a course at the University of Minnesota.

To Enroll as a Guest of the University of Minnesota, typically two steps are needed:

Step One: Complete the Non-Credit Guest Enrollment Process  (online form)
This process will activate you in the University of Minnesota system. Note that for Step 5, instead of registering through the University of Minnesota's OneStop registration portal, you will use the UNITE Registration Form (next step).

If you are returning under this status in non-consecutive semesters, you may need to renew your status. For example, if you have taken courses as a Guest in a Fall semester but did not the following Spring semester, and are now returning as a Guest in the following Summer or later.

Step Two: Complete and submit the UNITE Registration Form for Students (online form).

If you have any questions about enrolling, please call or send an email message to us.