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The AEM office is open from 8:00am-4:00pm Monday-Friday. A U Card is required to access the building. Students can also schedule a Zoom meeting with our office by emailing with what specifically you would like to talk about. 


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Office: 107 Akerman Hall, 8:00 a.m - 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday

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University Resources (Graduate and Undergraduate Students)

One Stop

Portal with comprehensive information, forms, and schedules related to academics, class registration, tuition, financial aid, billing, UMN account management, etc.

CSE Student Resources

Provide details on advising, careers, studying abroad, and support and activities outside the classroom.

Graduate Student Resources and Progress

Offers information on degree planning and progress monitoring, scheduling of examinations, accepting completed theses and dissertations, awarding of degrees, and maintaining permanent student records.

Graduate Student Advising

Offers tips for maintaining a productive working relationship with your advisor.

UMN Graduate School

Provides forms and support programs for graduate students, plus information on grants, fellowships, and more.

Center for Educational Innovation

A comprehensive professional development resource for teaching assistants.

CSE IT Services

Supporting current and future scientists and engineers and facilitating effective teaching and learning, research, and outreach.

Student Groups

Find leadership opportunities by exploring more than 75 student groups in the College of Science and Engineering.

Additional Student Support Services

Office for Community Standards (OCS)

612-624-6073 | OCS Website

Mediates matters arising from student conduct on campus using educational strategies and disciplinary counseling as catalysts for self-understanding and personal growth. Most complaints are handled on an informal person-to-person basis.

Student Conflict Resolution Center (SCRC)

612-624-7272 | SCRC Website

Assists students with campus-based concerns.  In addition to handling individual cases, such as grading and instructional complaints, the office also functions in a proactive way to prevent problems in the area.

Student Legal Services

612-624-1001 | Student Legal Services Website

Provides legal advice and representation to all eligible students on campus in issues such as landlord/tenant relations, consumer matters including automobile purchases and repairs, credit problems, insurance matters, debt collections, wills and trusts, family law, immigration matters, and other legal issues. All students paying student services fees are eligible to use the Student Legal Service.

Student Counseling Services

612-624-3323 | Student Counseling Services Website

Assists in a wide range of support services such as mental health and life concerns, learning and academic skill challenges, career uncertainty, and faculty/staff communication. 

Student Academic Success Services

612-626-1333 | SASS Website

Assists students in developing skills that will benefit their academics such as: active learning, self awareness, study skills, life balance, and student engagement. 

Disability Resource Center

612-626-1333 | Disability Resource Center Website

Assists students, faculty, staff, and guests with a wide range of disabilities by providing physical, programmatic and academic accommodations, adjustments, training, and consultation services

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

612-626-7100 | ISSS Website

This organization is dedicated to the support of international students, scholars, and employees. ISSS helps departments bring new foreign nationals into the community, provides intercultural training for students, staff, and faculty, and and hosts events that build links between the U.S. and international communities on campus.

Resources for Personal Support