Bruker-AXS (Siemens) D5005


Wide-angle x-ray scattering is used to study structural characteristics and to identify solids, powders, thin films, and solutions.  Data analysis is performed using Materials Data Incorporated's JADE 8.0 software package with whole pattern fitting.  Phase identification is possible using ICDD's PDF-4 database.


  • Bruker-AXS D5005 Diffractometer with 2.2 kW sealed Cu Source
  • Diffracted Beam Monochromater
  • Scintillation Counter Detector


  • Thin Film attachment


  • Phase identification
  • Thin-film analysis
  • Lattice parameter determination
  • Purity/quality control of materials
  • Determination of crystallinity of polycrystalline materials
  • Stress analysis
  • Orientation of single crystals
  • Particle size determination