Rigaku Smartlab XE


A high resolution six-circle diffractometer ideal for the study of thin-films, single crystal and powder samples that would require angular resolutions as small as 0.005℃. Special features

  • Numerous options to select among pre-sample and post sample optics, sample stages and detector modes
  • Suitable for applications such as XRR / HRXRD / RSM / In-plane XRD / PF / HRPD / µ-XRD
  • Cu sealed X-ray tube and a HyPix-3000 two dimensional detector. The detector has a maximum count rate of at least 108 cps/mm2 and a 15% energy resolution to reject spurious signals, reducing the overall background of the measurements and increasing the outstanding dynamic range of detection.
  • Non-ambient stages to conduct in operando measurements from -180 C to 1100 ℃ in various environments.