Thermo Apreo 2S Lo-Vac

The new Thermo Fisher Scientific Apreo 2S Lo-Vac SEM is now installed and working in Shepherd Labs. It replaces the old JEOL JSM 6500F that was decommissioned. The new SEM is now open for training. It comes with <1nm resolution at the optimum working distance and around 1nm resolution at the analytical working distance. The stage can hold up to 18 regular SEM stubs at a time. The Lo-Vac feature enables the pressure to be raised up to 500Pa for charge suppression of non-conductive materials. This means they can now be imaged without coating. It comes with a suite of in column detectors as well as 2 retractable backscatter detectors. We have also upgraded the EDS on the SEM to an Oxford Instruments Ultimax 100mm2 with Aztec Live chemical imaging. The Oxford Instruments Symmetry EBSD has been moved from the old SEM to the Apreo and given a speed boost up to 5000 patterns per second.