Thermo Fisher Talos F200X

Unique Features:

  • High-resolution FEG TEM optimized for analytical studies of hard materials
  • Fast elemental mapping via energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX), extensible to 3D using high-tilt tomography
  • Improved stability and drift-compensation from piezo-enhanced stage control
  • Electron nanodiffraction for crystallographic analysis of nanoscale single crystals
  • Thermo Fisher Velox software for data collection and advanced processing
  • Thermo Fisher Tomography and Inspect 3D software packages for tomography data collection and volumetric reconstruction

Specific Features:

  • Accelerating voltage: 80, 200 keV
  • Resolution: 1.6 Å in STEM and 1.0 Å in HRTEM
  • 16M Thermo Fisher Ceta CMOS camera
  • HAADF, BF, and DPC-capable ADF STEM detectors
  • Super-X G2 EDX detector
  • Analytical in-situ heating/biasing Thermo Fisher NanoEx I/V holder system
  • Fischione Model 2020 and Model 2021 tomography holders
  • Thermo Fisher double tilt holders

Link to Thermo Fisher website for more details