Liesegang bands in the Franconia Formation, Taylors Falls, MN

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Application for the 2022 Summer School for Rock Magnetism is open!

We are accepting applications for the 2022 Summer School for Rock Magnetism, to be held between June 6th and 15th at the Institute for Rock Magnetism, University of Minnesota. Interested students should apply by the April 15th deadline. Applicants will be selected based on a balance of considerations, including how far along a student is in their studies, how many other applicants are from the same institution, and the overall diversity of the summer school. To foster academic diversity, a limit of 2 students per research group has been set (more students from the same institution will be considered if space allows). Accepted students will be provided a link to the registration site for payment. There will be a $100 registration fee. Registration fees must be received by May 6th, 2022. Please visit the Summer School's webpage for details.

New IRM Quarterly out! Spring 2022, Vol. 32, No. 1

  • Practical Magnetism VIII: reporting and visualization of magnetic anisotropy data, by Dario Bilardello and Andrea R. Biedermann.

  • Visiting Fellow Reports, by Courtney Wagner (Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC).

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Schematic representation of full vs deviatoric tensors
Schematic representation of full vs deviatoric tensors. In full tensors, the eigenvalues correspond to the semi axes of the anisotropy ellipsoid, whereas in the deviatoric tensors, the eigenvalues are defined as the difference between the semi axes of the ellipsoid and the “isotropic radii” approximated by the mean susceptibility km.




Magnetosome Time Line

Diversity Statement

The Institute for Rock Magnetism is committed to the values of Equity and Diversity. Our goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment that is free from bias and discrimination and that actively supports inclusion and accessibility for all participants. Staff at the IRM will strive to accommodate and facilitate any accessibility issue that may be encountered.