User Fees

Fiscal Year 2024: July 1st 2023 - June 31st 2024 
Last updated 08/02/2023

The following daily rates apply to all non-University of Minnesota users, and are subject to change. University of Minnesota users should contact us ( Daily rates may be pro-rated, but the minimum charge is for one half-day.

If MAILING SAMPLES to be measured by IRM staff, PER-SAMPLE FEES apply, please refer to the service fee table.

Vibrating Sample Magnetometers

per day

Lake Shore VSM (room-temp)$279.32 
Lake Shore VSM (low-temp: 100-300 K)$460.68 
Lake Shore VSM (high-temp: 300-1000 K)$449.73 
MicroMag 3900 VSM (room-temp)$47.80 
MicroMag 3900 VSM (high-temp: 300-1000 K)$250.58 


Magnetic Properties Measurement System (MPMS)

per day



Susceptibility Equipment

per day

AGICO KLY-2 (room-temp)$31.86 
AGICO MFK-1A (room-temp)$31.86 
Magnon (variable Freq/Field at room-temp)$31.86 
AGICO KLY-2 (high temp: RT-700 C)$113.65 
AGICO MFK-1A (high temp: RT-700 C)$73.31 


2G SQUID Magnetometer

per day

u-channel magnetometer track system w/ AF & ARM coils$119.99 


Demagnetizing Equipment

per day

ASC Oven $56.26 
DTech AF System $56.26 


Magnetic Microscopy

per day

MFM (Asylum) (room-temp) $481.98 
MFM (Asylum) (high-temp) $675.18 
QDM $481.98 


*Mössbauer runs must be performed by IRM staff and additional charges apply (see service fee table.)

Low-temperature VSM/AGM measurements are currently not available due to helium shortage.

More About Equipment Fees