2024 IRM Summer School for Rock Magnetism

IRM 2024 Summer School Image, shows a FORC diagram, MTB chain, MFM map, QDM map, and MD domain images in magnetite.

We are pleased to announce the 2024 IRM Summer School in Rock Magnetism will run from June 3rd-12th at the home of the IRM, the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. 

Applications are now open! Please complete our Google Form.

About the summer school:
The 10-day program is targeted at graduate students, advanced undergraduate students, and postdocs in rock magnetism, paleomagnetism, and associated fields. Participants will receive intensive instruction in rock magnetic theory and laboratory techniques. A daily schedule of lectures, hands-on laboratory measurements, and data processing will introduce participants to the fundamentals of rock magnetism and the practical aspects of collecting and interpreting data responsibly. Instructors for the summer school will be primarily IRM faculty and staff.

Application information:
As the number of applicants for the school typically exceeds the IRM's capacity to teach the school effectively, we have instated an application process. Participation will be limited to 20.

Applicants will be selected based on a balance of considerations, including how far along a participant is in their studies, how many other applicants are from the same institution, and the overall diversity of the summer school. To foster academic diversity, a limit of 3 participants per research group has been set (more participants from the same institution will be considered if space allows).

Applicants are asked to provide:

(1) A short statement of research interests (to be used to form the student groups for the lab exercises), explanation of short-term research goals, and why attending the Summer School will be beneficial (max. 350 words).
(2) An estimate of round-trip travel cost to Minneapolis and whether funding is available from your advisor or institution.

We have received funding from the US National Science Foundation (NSF) for the Summer School, which allows us to cover University of Minnesota dormitory accommodation costs and a significant portion of travel costs for all participants.