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About the software

The programs that comprise the IRMDB software are designed to access and process data that were generated at the IRM and are already stored in the database. To access the database users will need their personal user ID and password generated during their visit to the IRM. THE SOFTWARE ONLY WORKS FOR DATA GENERATED AT THE IRM. To process data that were not generated at the IRM we refer to the Other Software webpage, which lists freely available "third party" processing software.

Installer Download

February 26, 2024: The IRMDB software has been updated and a new installation is necessary. Installation will require a password, email either,, or to obtain one. Please download the zip file, extract and install, and PDF Manuals for the software. 

For the software to function properly you will need to have the decimal separator set to period, and the date and time settings in the United States format. The database software will not work with other international settings.

Contact with questions.

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