Magnetic Force Microscope


A more detailed description can be found in IRM Quarterly v. 23, n. 2, Summer 2013.


  • Temperature range: room temperature to ~350 C
  • Applied Field: N/A 
  • Resolution: ~50 nm to 100 um
  • Measurement time: several hours.

The Magnetic force microscope (MFM) uses a very fine magnetically-coated tip mounted on a cantilever to measure magnetic force as it is scanned across the surface of a sample. The resolution is high enough to allow imaging the magnetization structure inside domain walls.


Samples for the MFM:

Sample preparation for the MFM is a very tricky business. Not only is it vital to get a smooth (and relatively unstressed) surface, it is also vital to have the scanned surface oriented parallel to the crystallographic easy (magnetization) direction of the grain. If this is not done, strange domain patterns can be observed as a result of the sample plane cutting domains at an angle. If you really want to come to the IRM to use either of these instruments, please contact Bruce Moskowitz for details about preparation of samples.