Two Students Earn 2023 ISyE Community Scholarships

We are proud to announce that Jonathan Cubero and Rushali Desai have been selected as the recipients of the 2023 ISyE Community Scholarship.

The award provides $2,000 to students whose actions help create a more diverse and inclusive environment in the ISyE Department, as well as pave the way for broader representation in industrial engineering and, more generally, in STEM-related fields.

Each student shared their reaction upon hearing they had been chosen as an ISyE Community Scholarship recipient.

Jonathan Cubero

“Receiving this award has been a great blessing to me. For these past two years, I have relied on some previous scholarships I have gotten, my savings, and the help of my parents to finance my education, but as the previous scholarships come to an end and my sister enters college next year, the financial burden of continuing to pay for my education for myself and my parents is becoming much more difficult to sustain. I supplement paying for my collegiate career with the paychecks I get from working extensively in my time outside of class, which leaves very little time for myself or to rest, but I persevere because I understand the value of the end goal: the sacrifices I am making today will pay off in the future. This scholarship means so much to me because it gives me much more peace of mind in securing I can continue to finance my education next year and relieves the pressure of having to look for ways to make up for when my savings are not enough to pay tuition. I am deeply grateful to the ISyE department and the benefactors who made this award possible, and I wish they understood that their generosity truly makes a difference in the academic possibilities, mental health, and future success of students like myself.” -Jonathan Cubero

Rushali Desai

“I am proud to represent ISYE and have the opportunity to show others what a great program it is. It is an honor to be awarded this scholarship, and I hope to continue to educate others about ISYE and the STEM field as a whole." -Rushali Desai

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering provides financial support opportunities for students year-round on its Awards and Scholarships page. Students are encouraged to check this page often to see what new opportunities have been added.