UNITE Homework, Exams and Colloquia

First, check your University of Minnesota email account regularly. That is the University's official means of communication and that is what UNITE uses.

Once our office enrolls a student into a UNITE section of a course, we begin sending instructions, information and updates directly to the student's University's email account.


Unless you are directed by the instructor to submit homework directly to the instructor or TA or submit through Canvas (the University LMS) or other means, all homework and projects should be submitted through the UNITE office. Please make sure the following information is on the cover sheet:

  • Full Name
  • Course Number
  • Assignment Number
  • Date

Use the UNITE Homework Cover Sheet:

Submit homework as attachments in PDF format to unite@umn.edu. We are able work with most versions of .pdfs - should we encounter a corrupt or unreadable homework file, we will contact you to find a quick solution.

For hand-written materials, please export or scan to .pdf to send to UNITE. If you do not have a scanner but have a smart phone or tablet, an app such as the free Adobe Scan work well for multiple platforms for converting images to .pdfs.

UNITE keeps a record of all incoming and outgoing materials for courses. Additionally, UNITE retains hard copy of graded materials for one semester following the semester in which you take a course through UNITE.

Proctoring Requirements, Exams and Quizzes

For courses with exams and/or quizzes, UNITE-enrolled students are required to take the exam with a UNITE-approved in-person proctor on the same day/same time as the on-campus section of the course. Students are responsible for finding and submitting proctor information to UNITE to evaluate and approve.

A proctor must be physically present and able to account for your actions during the time of the exam; the proctor may allow you to have access to a computer, so you can view a live stream of the on-campus exam, so that in the event that there are any questions or updates to the exam you know of the updates immediately.

A qualified proctor MUST be:

  • A supervisor/manager or HR representative at your workplace
  • A librarian
  • A member of an educational institution (such as a TA) or testing center

The UNITE Student and Faculty Engagement office will contact students in the first week of the semester about the proctoring process and requirements and for students to identify their proctors. As students enroll after that time, UNITE will work with them as they enroll.

Only your instructor may grant permission to shift the time for an exam/quiz or come to campus to take the exam with the on-campus section - UNITE will NOT grant these permissions.

If permission is granted, inform your proctor so they may reschedule as well as the UNITE office. Failure to take the exam on the scheduled day and failure to get advanced permission from your instructor could result in receiving a zero for the exam or quiz.

Day of Exam - The instructor or TA sends the exam to UNITE the day of or afternoon before the exam. Your proctor will be sent the exam at least an hour before the exam.  We prefer sending 8:00 am and 9:00 am exams the night before the exam takes place, but this is not always possible. Please note UNITE can only email copies of exams/quizzes once we receive them from the instructor. We apologize in advance for any delays that may occur if an exam/quiz does not get sent to your proctor at the proper time. Exam Proctors are required to complete the UNITE Proctor Cover Sheet (.pdf with form fields) and return it with the completed exam to UNITE.

More details about exam/quiz proctoring is in the UNITE Student Guide (.pdf).

Seminar and Colloquia Attendance Forms 

Students who enroll in departmental seminars and colloquia through UNITE for credit need to complete an attendance sheet for each session they attend. These may be submitted either electronically (see online forms, below).

Online Seminar and Colloquia Forms: