Thermo Fisher Talos F200C

Unique Features:

  • High-contrast cryo-capable FEG TEM optimized for soft materials and in-situ liquid studies
  • 40 fps full-resolution imaging for in situ analysis using Thermo Fisher Ceta CMOS camera and dedicated storage network
  • Thermo Fisher Velox and Bruker Esprit software for data collection and advanced processing
  • Thermo Fisher Tomography and Inspect 3D software packages for tomography data collection and volumetric reconstruction

Specific Features:

  • Accelerating voltage: 200 keV
  • Resolution:  2.0 Å in STEM and 1.8 Å in HRTEM
  • 16M Thermo Fisher Ceta G2 CMOS camera
  • ADF and BF STEM detectors
  • Single-X EDX detector
  • Thermo Fisher cryo, tomography, and analytical double-tilt holders

Link to Thermo Fisher website for more details