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Personal Statement Consultations for international undergraduate students

Presented by Career Services

Are you an undergraduate international student (F-1 or J-1 visa) preparing an application for a graduate or professional school program? Visit the Personal Statement Consultations Program to receive feedback on your statement from trained international graduate student Personal Statement Consultants!

We have three options for you to receive feedback (depending on weekly availability):

  • In-person 30 minute consultation

  • Zoom 30 minute consultation

  • Asynchronous video feedback and comments for you to review on your own time

The Personal Statement Consultations program is open through January 12. Visit to learn more and sign up.

Please reach out to Jane Sitter ( if you have any questions. 

Translate your Experience: From Study Abroad to Career

Join Career Services and the Learning Abroad Center for a presentation on career integration - how to connect your study abroad experience to your future plans.  During this presentation reflect on your experiences abroad and learn how to connect them to your resume, interview skills, and future job or school opportunities. 

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Dr. Nuri Firat Ince at ECE Fall 2023 Colloquium

Identification of Neurobiomarkers for the Optimization of Deep Brain Stimulation and Neurosurgery

Despite the recent advances in neural engineering to process oscillatory brain activity in different scenarios such as brain machine interfaces, limited progress has been done towards the interpretation of oscillatory neural activity (such as LFPs, iEEG or ECoG) with computational intelligence for clinical decision making. In this talk, I will summarize our efforts towards mapping of subcortical and cortical regions during awake brain surgeries using machine learning and neural signal processing. Additionally, I provide additional perspectives regarding the use of oscillatory neural dynamics for the estimation of consciousness.

Living & Working in Canada: A Presentation by the Canadian Consulate

Register: Handshake // Zoom

Representatives from the Immigration section of the Consulate General of Canada will conduct a presentation via Zoom and cover opportunities to immigrate to Canada both permanently and temporarily, topics include: the process to become a Canadian Permanent Resident via the Express Entry program and the process to work in Canada.

Current students or alumni are welcome; International and U.S. American citizen students in any discipline are welcome.

Explore Career Opportunities & Immigration Options in the Netherlands

Register: Handshake // Zoom

Join this inspiring session with The Netherlands Point of Entry and to learn more about career options in the Netherlands. 

The Netherlands Point of Entry is the first stop for international talent looking to work or set up a business in the Netherlands. We give advice to entrepreneurs, graduates and professionals about residence permits. The Netherlands Point of Entry also provides support on legal procedures, financial requirements and the process of applying for a visa. This event is a great opportunity to learn about the different options you have after graduation! 

During this presentation the Netherlands Point of Entry will explain all you need to know about: 

  • Why and how to kickstart in the Netherlands. 
  • The entrepreneurial startup and scale-up ecosystem in the Netherlands.
  • Visa requirements for 5 different visa: startup visa, self-employed visa, highly skilled migrant visa, key employee visa and orientation year visa
  • A job portal with over 8000 jobs listed at over 1500 companies (English speaking vacancies, no Dutch required!) is a brand of Ahold Delhaize, the largest online retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium, serving 13 million active customers. Representatives from will share their relocation experience to the Netherlands, insights into Dutch working culture at, and valuable tips on applying for jobs in the Netherlands from abroad. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the exciting world of and its diverse workforce!

This event is supported by UMN College of Liberal Arts, UMN Career Services Administration, UMN Learning Abroad Center, and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. This event is open to all current students and recent alumni of University of Minnesota and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. 


  • 11am-12pm CT: presentation by Netherlands Point of Entry and 
  • 12pm-12:30pm CT: optional open networking between UMN and UIUC students 

Please email Jane Sitter at with any questions.


All About Graduate School in Europe -- With a Spotlight on Germany

Session Overview:
Europe has traditionally been and continues to be one of the top destinations for graduate study. Every year, nearly two million international students pursue a short- or long-term study mobility in Europe. And for good reasons: low or no tuition fees, high-quality academic experiences, excellent institutional reputations, and good student life support. But each country has its own customs and culture around international student mobility and international study programs, making choosing a destination, institution, and/or program feel like an insurmountable task. In this session, you will learn about the graduate school opportunities and options available, how to navigate the graduate school search, and which factors to consider when choosing a program and destination. Then, using Germany as an example, you will learn about the aspects for consideration to align your graduate school plans with your future  career aspirations that you may not have even thought about. By the end of this crash course in all things graduate school in Europe, you will feel more informed about whether or not you want to pursue a program in Europe and if so, what your next steps should be.

This event is supported by College of Liberal Arts Career Services, Career Services Administration, and the Learning Abroad Center, and is open to all UMN students and recent alumni.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Jane, UMN International Career Consultant: 
Holly, CLA Career Coach:

Your Instructor:
Jessica Schueller is an international career services consultant focused on Europe and Germany. Her European work and study experience spans 8 countries and several years in the areas of international career services, international program and project management, international student and scholar advising, and higher education research. She holds a joint master’s degree from universities in Austria and Finland as well as an MBA from a university in Germany.

Register here: Handshake // Zoom 

Dr. Sarah Seguin at ECE Fall 2023 Colloquium

Antenna Design Considerations for Efficient Spectrum Usage

The electromagnetic spectrum is becoming increasingly congested with the advent of new wireless, IoT, 5G, 6G, and beyond. The focused-use static frequency method of allocation is swiftly becoming antiquated. This is making way for a new paradigm of dynamic frequency allocation and a “sharing” regime. The amount of usable spectrum for both consumer and military applications is diminishing, and the increasing congestion presents unique problems related to both quantifying and sharing spectrum. There is no single solution for acute spectral crowding. Instead, it needs to be addressed via several multifaceted solutions. One approach for addressing spectral crowding is waveform adaptation and optimization that requires accurate knowledge of hardware induced distortions. Combined antenna characterization techniques are presented to better understand antenna effects that could increase the ability of systems to directionally share spectrum and to compensate for antenna hardware distortion.

Prof. Mark Lundstrom at ECE Fall 2023 Colloquium

Essential Physics of the Modern MOSFET

Since the demonstration of the silicon MOSFET in 1959, engineers have made the channel lengths shorter and shorter, and to understand and model transistors, a deeper and deeper understanding of charge carrier transport was needed. In the 1960’s, square law MOSFETs could be treated with drift-diffusion equations. As channel lengths approached one micron in the late 1970’s, high-field velocity saturation became important, and in the 1980’s, velocity overshoot in sub-micron MOSFETs came into play. In the 1990’s, we entered the deep sub-micron era where quasi-ballistic and even ballistic transport became important, and, as channel lengths shrunk to the nanoscale in the 2000’s, quantum transport came into play. Modern nanoscale transistors operate differently than micron scale transistors. The details are complicated, but the essential physics is not. My goal in this talk is to discuss the operation of these devices in a simple but physically sound way.

Professor Chris Palmstrøm at ECE Fall 2023 Colloquium

Superconductor/Semiconductor Heterostructures for Quantum Computing Applications

Superconductor/semiconductor heterostructures have theoretically been predicted to have unique applications in quantum information systems. Coupling superconductivity to near surface quantum wells (QW) and nanowires of high spin-orbit semiconductors have allowed the observation of zero bias peaks, which can be a signature of, but not proof of, Majorana Zero Modes, a key ingredient for topological quantum computing. Although the Majorana Zero Modes have not been experimentally confirmed, induced superconductivity is observed and paves the way for lithographically defined complex superconductor/semiconductor nanostructured networks necessary for quantum computing.

Our efforts have focused on developing high mobility of near surface quantum wells of the high spin-orbit semiconductors InAs, InSb and InAsySb1-y. Rather than just relying on post growth lithography and top down etching to form semiconductor nanostructures, we have also investigated the development of shadow superconductor growth on atomic hydrogen cleaned MOVPE-grown vapor-liquid-solid InSb nanostructures and in-vacuum chemical and molecular beam epitaxy selective area grown InAs nanostructures. We have identified Sn as an alternative for Al for use as superconductor contacts to InSb vapor-liquid-solid nanowires, demonstrating a hard superconducting gap, with superconductivity persisting in magnetic field up to 4 Tesla. Further, a small island of Sn-InSb exhibits the two-electron charging effect, a clear indication of a supercurrent.

Lateral superconductor/semiconductor/superconductor structures allow for selective control of conductance modes in planar lateral multi-terminal Josephson Junctions. Vertical superconductor/semiconductor/superconductor heterostructures have the potential for combining the capacitor and Josephson Junction in a superconducting transmon qubit device into a single device, a merged element transmon, resulting in orders of magnitude reduction in size.
In this presentation, my group’s progress in developing superconductor/semiconductor heterostructures for quantum computing applications will be presented. This will include progress in in-situ patterning and selective area growth, multi-terminal Josephson Junctions and the recent progress towards developing a Si fin based merged element transmon – the FinMET.

Professional & Academic Email Writing Workshop

Student English Language Support (SELS) and Career Services are collaborating to help international students successfully navigate professional & academic email writing. In this interactive workshop, you will learn about professional email etiquette, appropriate language to use in professional/academic emails, and how to concisely write all parts of a professional or academic email.

This workshop will be available in-person (Bruininks Hall room 518/520) and over Zoom. Please register and indicate which option you are interested in here.

Please email Jane, UMN International Career Consultant, with any questions about this event: