Professor Bethanie Stadler at the Wilson Lecture Series - ECE Fall 2021 Colloquium

Magnetic Nanowires in Bandaids, Barcodes, and Nanowarmers

Magnetic nanowires can be engineered using composition and shape. Applications of both single nanowires and arrays of vertically aligned nanowires in biomedical fields include nano-barcodes and biolabels for cells and exosomes, nano-heaters for hyperthermia therapy and organ preservation, and biocomposites. For most of these applications, the reversal mechanism of magnetization can play a critical role. For example, magnetic coercivity and remanence have been used for contact-free readout of nano-barcode signatures, and the motion of domain walls can limit heating. A novel approach to decoding specific reversal signatures will be described via a fast modification of the first order reversal curve (FORC) technique, called the projection method. In addition to decoding, the method elucidates the mechanisms of reversal which is of interest to the fundamental understanding of nanomagnets, and can lead to improved future devices such as decoding using ferromagnetic resonance (FMR).

Bio of professor Bethanie Stadler

Bethanie Stadler is a professor and associate head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Minnesota where she also holds the CS&E Distinguished Professorship. She has a PhD from MIT and a BS from Case Western Reserve University. She is a Fellow of the Materials Research Society (MRS) and a Senior Member of IEEE. Stadler works on magnetic nanowires for applications in RF design and biomedicine, and magneto-optical garnets for integrated photonics. Stadler has been a visiting professor at IMEC and KU Leuven in Belgium, and at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio. In 2015, Stadler was an IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer. She has taught at the IEEE Magnetic Summer School in India and Italy, and hosted the school in Minnesota in 2015. Stadler has been a meeting chair, director and secretary of MRS, and will be the General Co-Chair of Intermag 2023 in Sendai, Japan.


Start date
Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021, 4 p.m.
End date
Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021, 5 p.m.