Blue image of molecular structure

Using chemistry for computing

Professor Maddah-Ali in a dark sweater standing with his back to the window

Professor Mohammad Maddah-Ali elevated to IEEE Fellow

Maddah-Ali’s work in the area of information theory has brought about groundbreaking innovations

Professor Joseph Talghader in a dark suit standing in the atrium of Keller Hall

Professor Joseph Talghader is Fulbright Scholar and Optica Fellow

Talghader's work has led to advancements in high optical power thin film physics and thermal infrared coating design

Professor Chris Kim wearing a striped blue and white shirt against a yellow background

Professor Chris Kim to lead $8M of federally funded projects on quantum-inspired computing

Kim will lead projects funded by the DARPA QuICC program in collaboration with AMD Research, and the NSF ASCENT and IUSE programs.

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