Three ISyE Students Earn Scholarships for Diversity, Equality, Community Work

Grace Hansen, Hassen Jama, and Governess Simpson have been selected as the first-ever recipients of the ISyE Community Scholarship.

The award provides $2,000 to students whose actions help create a more diverse and inclusive environment in the ISyE Department, as well as pave the way for broader representation in industrial engineering and, more generally, in STEM-related fields.

Each student shared their reaction upon hearing they had been chosen as an ISyE Community Scholarship recipient.

Grace Hansen

“Increasing diversity in STEM fields has been a passion of mine since I joined robotics in elementary school. I never thought it would earn me scholarship money. ISyE at the University of Minnesota is doing a wonderful job of starting new programs and initiatives like this that are making our degree program a more inclusive environment.” -Grace Hansen

Hassen Jama

“It has been challenging to pursue higher education at the University of Minnesota while paying for college and raising four children. This scholarship signifies an acknowledgement that student demographics and their needs are changing constantly. This scholarship will help me cover part of my tuition fees, which in turn means not having to work as much during the academic year and alleviating financial hardship in my family.” -Hassen Jama

Governess Simpson

“Receiving this scholarship is an honor, as well as a stepping stone to further diversify STEM-related fields; I hope to continue representing Industrial Engineering and the limitless opportunities available because of the program.” -Governess Simpson

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering provides financial support opportunities for students year-round on its Awards and Scholarships page. Students are encouraged to check this page often to see what new opportunities have been added.