Hajime Muramatsu

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Hajime Muramatsu

Researcher, School of Physics and Astronomy


Physics And Nanotechnology Building
Room 351
115 Union St. Se
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Professional Background

I am mainly working on Charm Physics at BESIII (http://bes3.ihep.ac.cn/) currently that utilizes samples taken at the BEPCII e+e- symmetric collider (Ecm ~ 2-4 GeV). I have been also serving as a co-convener of the Charm analysis group in the BESIII collaboration since 2012.

Recently, my focus has been to search for rare/forbidden decays of D mesons based on the BESIII data which is the largest sample of psi(3770) taken at the threshold of DDbar production in the world.
I am also interested in Physics analyses that employ the quantum coherent effect between a pair of DDbar produced in the BESIII sample.

As a co-convener of the Charm group, I am also leading the preparation for the up coming Ds data taking and the corresponding Physics analyses. We will have 3/fb of e+e- annihilation sample at around Ecm = 4.180 GeV by the end of Spring 2016 which allows us to perform various precision measurements and rare/forbidden searches in Ds decays.

I am also involved with the project, Mu2e (http://mu2e.fnal.gov) and very much anxious to see its data taking start in the near future. The Mu2e tracker is made from ~20k straw tubes for which the local Minnesota group are performing gas leak test.

Research Interests

Particle Physics

Selected Publications

M. Ablikim et al. (BESIII Collaboration), Search for D0 -> gamma gamma and improved measurement of the branching fraction for D0 -> pi0pi0Phys.Rev.D91, 112015 (2015)

H. Muramatsu, Search for D0 -> gamma gamma at BESIIIProceeding of the 5th International Workshop on Charm Physics: arXiv:1208.4744

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