A figure showing the change in superconductivity in the deformed lattice

Greven research finds stretching quantum materials could tune their efficiency

Professor Martin Greven, a Distinguished McKnight Professor in the University of Minnesota’s School of Physics and Astronomy and the Director of the Center for Quantum Materials, led research efforts that found that deformations in quantum materials that create an imperfection in their crystalline structure, can actually improve the material's superconducting and electrical properties.

The groundbreaking findings, published today in the journal Nature Materials, could provide new insight for developing the next generation of quantum-based computing and electronic devices.

Greven in collaboration with Professor Rafael Fernandes, CSE colleague Chris Leighton and his group, and other researchers from national laboratories and abroad used plastic deformation to create extended periodic defect structures in a prominent quantum material known as strontium titanate (SrTiO3). The defect structures induced changes in the electrical properties and boosted superconductivity.

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