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Applied Services and Engineering

The Applied Research and Engineering Team (AR&E) at SAFL:

SAFL’s Applied Research & Engineering team is unique. Their expertise ranges from hydraulics, to aerospace engineering, to welding, to data collection systems. They pursue field research in areas including renewable energy and human-environmental impact and are known for their innovative design and fabrication work.

Education & Teaching

The AR&E team embodies the University of Minnesota Board of Regent’s mission of teaching, research, and education. They are passionate about expanding access to SAFL’s facilities through mentorship and community outreach. All faculty, visiting scholars, and students who come to SAFL to pursue research, work with the AR&E team to design and run their experiments. 

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Research & Product Testing

The AR&E team members are renowned for their physical model studies and are trusted experts when it comes to third party testing and validation of products and systems. Additionally, they pursue lab and field studies that address ecological, structural, and energy concerns locally and globally. 

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The AR&E team designs and fabricates flumes, data carriages, and other custom research infrastructure and instrumentation for labs and research groups across the U.S. Access to flexible lab and shop spaces at SAFL allow for in-house design-build services for both public and private clients. 

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As essential to the infrastructure of SAFL as the Mississippi river itself, the AR&E team relies on state and federal grants, sponsored projects, external sales, and community fundraising to do their work. 

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