Applied and Contract Research

The applied research group specializes in research that supports innovation. 

Photo of Chris Feist recording eagle vocalizations at the UMN Raptor Center

The SAFL applied research group consists of engineers and researchers with diverse scientific and technological backgrounds. They are adept at developing research projects that feed into real-time problem solving for outside clients or sponsors. 

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Read about some of SAFL's applied research projects below: 

Katie Kemmitt collecting friction data on permeable pavement using a portable friction tester

The Minnesota Department of Transportation tasked researchers with evaluating the use of permeable pavements, to potentially reduce road salt use. 

Permeable pavement study


Photo of an eagle in front of the Eolos wind turbine

Could acoustic deterrents be used to prevent eagle and raptor collisions with wind turbines? Researchers from a wide range of backgrounds worked together to research eagle hearing ranges and behavioral responses to sounds.  

Eagle auditory responses

Photo of a storm drain

The purpose of this project was to evaluate the effectiveness of different pretreatment devices in Minnesota, using a common method to allow for comparisons across devices.

Pretreatment device evaluation


Photo of the mussel spat rope showing thickness and texture

Researchers evaluated the use of mussel spat rope in culverts, in order to create areas of reduced flow for resting and ultimately to help fish and other organisms pass through safely.  

Acoustic noise measurement equipment in front of the Eolos wind turbine

One common public concern about wind energy farms is wind turbine-generated noise. This study was conducted to evaluate wind turbine noise and human responses to exposure. 

Wind turbine noise study