Facility Fabrication

SAFL engineers and researchers develop custom facilities for specific research needs.

The St. Anthony Falls Laboratory engineers are well versed in flume design for specific research needs, such as an alterable flume tilt, high flow capability, live organism support, etc. SAFL engineers have also worked with a wide variety of other hydraulic and geomorphic facilities. In addition, the laboratory has a full machine shop, which can be used to fabricate facilities in house, for laboratory research and to transport to other organizations. 

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Read about our facility fabrication projects below: 

Digital rendering of the USGS flume design

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) tasked SAFL researchers with the design of a race-track style flume, with the geometry and hydraulic conditions for early life stages of pallid sturgeon, an ancient but endangered fish species which historically inhabited the Missouri and lower Mississippi rivers. 

USGS Flume