Data Collection Systems Design and Fabrication

Data Carriage

SAFL engineers develop custom data acquisition systems for research

SAFL has a full machine and fabrication shop on site, and a team of experienced engineers that can design and fabricate custom data collection systems. The engineering services team is well versed in data acquisition and data telemetry for both field and laboratory applications. SAFL engineers have designed and built data collection systems that are widely used for research at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. Read more about SAFL's in house data collection carriages

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Read about some of SAFL's facility fabrication projects below: 

A 3D rendering of the spread footing foundation of the University of Minnesota Eolos wind turbine.

Wind turbine operators must asses turbine foundation structural health after extreme weather events, or before repower projects. SAFL engineers worked with Barr Engineering to design an inexpensive, noninvasive, and portable system for assessing wind turbine foundation health. 

Wind turbine foundation health assessments