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Earth, Water Life Support SAFL



You can help support our mission of applied interdisciplinary fluid mechanics research and education by making a philanthropic gift to the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL). Make a contribution to our General Fund.

The SAFL Healthy Waters Initiative was established to support projects and research associated with preserving and protecting Minnesota lakes and rivers. Current research is focusing on boat-generated wakes and propeller wash.

The SAFL Education and Outreach Fund was established to help promote investment in SAFL outreach efforts, including tours, development of project demonstrations for use with groups, and other initiatives. 


The SAFL Student Fund  was established as a means for friends and alumni of the Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory to directly enhance the SAFL student experience. Learn more about the current activities of the SAFL graduate student group on their website.


We also present several fellowships and awards to graduate students each year recognizing their contributions of academic achievement and research. Contribute to specific fellowships and help continue our ongoing legacy of recognizing academic excellence.

  • The Edward Silberman Fellowship rewards academically outstanding graduate students who perform their research at the SAFL. 
  • The Alvin G. Anderson Award is given to a University of Minnesota student pursuing graduate studies in water resources. Special consideration is given to students involved in the sediment transportation field, which was Dr. Anderson's specialty. 
  • The Frank Y. and Julie C. Tsai Fund is granted to graduate students to assist with travel expenses associated with attending professional conferences.
  • The Roger E.A. Arndt Fellowship supports graduate students who are studying engineering at Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) with a focus on fluid dynamics.
  • The Heinz G. Stefan Fellowship is given to a University of Minnesota student pursuing graduate studies in water resources engineering who is studying at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory.  Special consideration is given to students involved in environmental hydraulics.
  • The Nels Nelson Memorial Fellowship is an endowment for Civil Engineering graduate students at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory.