Carbon-based Energy

Collage of carbon-based energy research projects

Carbon-based energy refers to energy generated by carbon-based sources, including hydrocarbons such as oil and gas and biofuels like algae. SAFL's expertise in being able to build experimental deltas and build experiments looking at turbidity currents enables those in the oil and gas fields to better understand and predict where hydrocarbon deposits could potentially build or migrate. In the last decade, SAFL has held between 15-20 oil consortium workshops that consist of experiments and lectures that bring together what the stratigrapher sees in the rock column to the processes that create the deposits/stratigraphic features.

Over the past decade SAFL researchers have also conducted several experiments looking at biofuels and better understanding what makes a more productive biofuel. 

Affiliated Faculty

Chris Paola 

SAFL Researchers
Jeffrey Marr

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