Multiphase Interactions

Photo collage of examples of multiphase flows

Multiphase flows are made up of a combination of the different states of matter, e.g. solids in liquids, liquids & gases, solids in gases, plasmas & gases, and so forth. These flows are all around us - wind driving the formation of ocean waves, debris flows and landslides occurring after a saturating rain, the bubbly flows associated with boat propellors,, sediment transport in streams and rivers - and the inherent complexity of these natural and engineered examples mean these flows are still very active topics of study. SAFL researchers use experimental facilities like CloudIA, the wind tunnel, and our assorted flumes and channels to help quantify the nature and behavior of different multiphase flows, while also using numerical techniques and simulations to better visualize these interactions and predict their behavior. 

SAFL Affiliated Faculty
Roger Arndt
John Gulliver
Kimberly Hill
Jiarong Hong
Lian Shen

SAFL Researchers
Jeffrey Marr

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