Wind Power

Collage of wind turbine and wind tunnel pictures

Wind energy has emerged as one of the most competitive renewable energy sources in recent decades. SAFL's state-of-the-art 2.5 MW wind energy research station in Rosemount, Minnesota, along with our Atmospheric Boundary Layer wind tunnel and sophisticated large-eddy simulation tools comprise a powerful research framework that enables us to tackle a broad range of wind energy problems. We are working in close collaboration with academic, industry, and government laboratory partners to understand various turbulence-related aspects of wind power generation. Eolos researchers are highly specialized and open to projects of all sizes.

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Eolos Wind Energy Research Station (and related publications)
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Affiliated Faculty
Michele Guala 
Jiarong Hong 
Lian Shen 

SAFL Researchers
Christopher Feist
Matthew Lueker
Jeffrey Marr
Christopher Milliren

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