Students using flumes

For Academics and Students

For Academics and Students

Over the last 80+ years, the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory has developed a legacy of research excellence that continues to evolve with the pressing needs of society. Our affiliated faculty and researchers work on research related to interdisciplinary fluid mechanics, encompassing both basic research that forwards the field of knowledge and applied research that connects to real-time applications.

SAFL has a strong legacy of building collaborations and partnerships within the University community, with external academic partners, with industry, and government. Please use the resources on this page to learn more about SAFL and contact us for more information!

Learn more about SAFL research
SAFL research generally revolves around three different categories: fundamental fluid flow research, the environment, and energy. Explore these different themes and learn more about specific projects and the researchers that conduct them.

Learn more about SAFL's faculty researchers
SAFL’s affiliated faculty come from multiple departments across the UMN campus and comprise some of the most talented minds in their fields.  Learn more about our faculty and their research interests. 
Of note, our faculty support and help organize our annual SAFL Bi-weekly Seminar Series, which hosts researchers from all across the world for knowledge exchange and dialogue at the lab.

Learn more about SAFL's unique facilities
From general purpose flumes, tanks, and channels, to a heavily-instrumented research wind turbine, water tunnel, outdoor experimental channel, and atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel, SAFL facilities are readily configurable to the needs of an experiment or project. 

Learn more about SAFL's applied services group
Aside from our faculty, SAFL also hosts its own group of researchers who not only contribute their time and efforts to assist faculty-led research, but also support their own research projects and clients. Learn more about our services and capabilities .

Are you looking to collaborate on a research project?

Researchers are encouraged to contact the researcher(s) most aligned with their research interest to pursue potential collaborations. You can also email describing your research interest and we will forward your request to the most relevant researchers.

Are you a student interested in graduate school?

If you are interested in working at SAFL as a graduate student, please reach out to our affiliated faculty whose research interests you. You can also connect with the SAFL Student Council at, or check out the SAFL Student Council website to learn more about student life at the lab.