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History of the Award

Professor Alvin G. Anderson, a native of Duluth, Minnesota, received his B.C.E. in 1933, and Ph.D. in 1950 from the University of Minnesota in Civil Engineering. Professor Anderson’s early years were with the Soil Conservation Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. It was during this period that he developed the strong interest in sediment transport and hydraulic structures that continued throughout his career. Following service with the Offi ce of Scientifi c Research and Development of the National Defense Research Committee during the second World War, he returned to the University of Minnesota. Here he combined his love of teaching and his interest in students with an active research program in areas such as sediment transport, fl ow in bends, hydraulics in culverts, and air entrainment by high velocity flow.

He received the Normal Medal of ASCE in 1961, and the J. C. Stevens Award from ASCE in 1965. He was a Fellow of ASCE for many years, and was the Chairman of the Hydraulics Division from 1975-1976. He was also a member of the International Association for Hydraulic Research, the American Society for Engineering Education, and the American Water Resources Association. Professor Anderson unexpectedly passed in July 1975. He was currently serving as the Director of the St .Anthony Falls Laboratory and Associate Head of the Department of Civil (and Mineral) Engineering at the time of his death. Approximately 100 former students, friends, and colleagues from around the world responded to news of his death with donations to the Alvin G. Anderson Memorial Fund to be used for an annual award in his name. The Alvin G. Anderson Award was thus established, to be given annually to a graduate student or students pursuing graduate study at the University of Minnesota in the area of Hydraulic Engineering and/or Water Resources.

The Anderson award provides a $1,500 stipend to the student, as well as $500 for the purchase of books related to the recipient's study interests.

Nomination Guidelines and Rules

This award is given to a University of Minnesota student pursuing graduate studies in water resources. Special consideration is given to students involved in the sediment transportation field.

The Anderson award provides a $1,500 stipend to the student, as well as $500 for the purchase of books related to the recipient's study interests.

Nominations should include student CV and transcript.  Please send nominations to 

Past Recipients

Past Recipients:

Year Recipient Advisor
2023 Shanti Penprase Andrew Wickert
2022 Jabari Jones Andrew Wickert
2021 Kerry Callaghan Andrew Wickert
2020 Amirreza Ghasemi Kimberly Hill
2019 Vinicius Taguchi John Gulliver
2018 Gerard Salter Chris Paola
2017 Anne Wilkinson and Abigail Tomasek Miki Hondzo


Jonathan Schwenk

Efi Foufoula-Georgiou
2015 Jonathan Czuba Efi Foufoula-Georgiou
2014 No award given due to lab renovation  
2013 Mark Morris Miki Hondzo
2012 Daniel Zielinski Vaughan Voller and Miki Hondzo
2011 Corey Markfort Fernando Porte-Agel and Heinz Stefan
2010 Yi Fan Kimberly Hill
2009 Andy Erickson and Arvind Singh John Gulliver & Efi Foufoula-Georgiou
2008 Cristian Escauriaza Fotis Sotiropoulos

Wonsuck Kim

Chris Paola
2006 Ben O'Connor Miki Hondzo
2005 J. Wesley Lauer Gary Parker

Travis Bogan 
Matthew Carper

Heinz Stefan 
Fernando Porte-Agel

2003 Miguel Wong Gary Parker
2002 Nikki Strong Chris Paola
2001 Alicia Urban John Gulliver
2000 Deborah Nykanen 
Svetlana Kostic

Efi Foufoula- Georgiou 
Gary Parker

1999 Joseph Orlins John Gulliver
1998 Omid Mohseni Heinz Stefan
1997 David Hibbs John Gulliver
1996 Alin Carsteneau Efi Foufoula-Georgiou
1995 Peter Weiss John Gulliver
1994 Cuiling Gong Charles Song
1993 Vanchiswaraiyer Ramanathan Roger Arndt
1992 Aldo Tamburrino 
and Agnes Kovacs
John Gulliver 
Gary Parker & Steve Crouch
1991 John B. Erdmann Heinz Stefan
1990 Kresimir Zic Heinz Stefan
1989 Marcelo Garcia Gary Parker
1988 Ekaterina Daniil-Margariti John Gulliver
1987 Helgi Johnannesson Gary Parker
1986 Gerald Farrell Heinz Stefan
1985 Randall Hills Heinz Stefan
1984 Alan Rindels John Gulliver
1983 Nicholas Cruz Charles C. S. Song
1982 Joel Toso C. Edward Bowers
1981 Thomas Winterstein Heinz Stefan
1980 Alex Demetracoloulos Heinz Stefan
1979 Nels Nelson C. Edward Bowers
1978 Carlton Gutschick C. Edward Bowers
1977 John Gulliver Heinz Stefan
1976 S. Dhamotharan Heinz Stefan