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History of the Award

 A generous group of former graduate students established this fellowship in honor of Dr. Charles C.S. Song, an esteemed colleague, dedicated teacher and scholar, and internationally renowned researcher. A former professor in the University of Minnesota's Department of Civil Engineering (now known as the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering) and St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, Dr. Song leaves behind a legacy of not only research excellence and insatiable curiosity, but also of kindness, collaboration, and inclusion. 

Dr. Song’s research interests included mathematical modeling of unsteady flows in open channels and pipes, modeling sediment transport in rivers and streams, cavitation, and theoretical mechanics based on energy principles. His work has been reported in over 100 papers and technical reports and he served as an advisor to over 25 masters and doctoral candidates. Dr. Song and his students worked on a vast array of both basic and applied research projects, from designing a new storm drainage system for the city of Chicago, identifying the root cause of a geyser that erupted from the Minneapolis storm drainage system during high intensity rainfall, conducting hydraulic model studies of a spillway for a dam in Central America, running numerical simulations for submarine propellers and high-speed trains, and even investigating ice cover breakup and jamming processes on the Upper Mississippi River. His research was ground-breaking in numerous ways, with the impact still felt today.

A special thanks to Dr. Changsi Chen, Dr. Xiangying Chen, Dr. Cuiling (Sue) Gong, Dr. Qizhong Guo, Dr. Jianming He, Dr. Wenchin Lin, and Dr. Fayi Zhou for establishing this fellowship in honor of Dr. Song.

Nomination Guidelines and Rules

This award is given to a University of Minnesota graduate degree seeking student who is conducting research at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. Preference will be given to international students lawfully in the United States on a temporary student visa. This award may be renewable to the recipient, provided the recipient demonstrates satisfactory progress toward a degree and continues to meet the criteria of the award. Applicants are expected to be in good academic standing with exceptional potential in their field. The Song Fellowship provides a $1,000 monetary award to the graduate student.

Nomination Guidelines and Rules
Applicants are expected to have:

  • Made satisfactory progress toward completion of the requirements of their degree.
  • Maintained high academic standards.

SAFL Faculty may submit letters of nomination to

Past Recipients

2023Shih-Hsun HuangJudy Yang
2021Jiaqi LiJiarong Hong