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History of the Award

The Dhamotharan family established this fellowship in honor of Dr. Stefan to commemorate his lifetime of service to the University of Minnesota in his role as professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering and the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory in the College of Science and Engineering.

Heinz Stefan is a pioneer in environmental hydraulics and well known for the development of the MINLAKE and MNSTREAM water quality simulation models. He has edited four books, written fourteen review articles, and is an author of more than 200 refereed journal articles. In addition to his scientific accomplishments, Heinz has advised, inspired, and mentored approximately 100 masters and Ph.D. students during his career, many of whom have become engineers, researchers, and faculty exploring and implementing basic sciences in understanding and protecting aquatic ecosystems, and engineering design of water resources systems.

Nomination Guidelines and Rules

This award is given to a University of Minnesota student pursuing graduate studies in water resources engineering who is studying at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory.  Special consideration is given to students involved in environmental hydraulics. The Stefan Fellowship provides a monetary award of $8,000 to the graduate student.

Nomination Guidelines and Rules
Applicants are expected to have:

  • Made satisfactory progress toward completion of the requirements of their degree.
  • Maintained high academic standards.

SAFL Faculty may submit letters of nomination to SAFaward@umn.edu.

Past Recipients

Year Recipient Advisor
2023 Xiating Chen Xue Feng
2022 Sida He Lian Shen
2021 Lun Gao Ardeshir Ebtehaj
2020 Vinicius Taguchi John Gulliver, Jacques Finlay
2019 Jackie Taylor Miki Hondzo, Vaughan Voller
2018 Jiaqi You Miki Hondzo
2017 Mirko Musa Michele Guala
2016 Maria Garcia-Serrana John Gulliver