Professor Shuzhong Zhang Ranks as Top 1,000 Scientist in Mathematics

Shuzhong Zhang has been named a Top 1,000 Scientist in the field of Mathematics, according the 2022 rankings assembled by

Zhang, who is a professor within the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Minnesota, ranked #649 in the world ranking and #329 in the United States.'s rankings are based on the H-index metric provided by Microsoft Academic and includes only leading scientists with an H-index of at least 30 for academic publications made in the area of Mathematics. The full list for the Top 1,000 Scientists in Mathematics in the entire world and in the United States can be found on

Professor Zhang's research interests span a number of topics, including decision models in the context of Operations Research, optimization, machine, and statistical learning. His research activities span various aspects of modeling, algorithm design, theory and applications. More information about Professor Zhang and his research can be found on his personal website.