PhD in ChE or MSE

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota has been thriving on its ability to foster interdisciplinary efforts in research and education; most, if not all of our active faculty members are engaged in intra- or interdepartmental research projects. The extensive collaboration among faculty members in research and education and the high level of co-advising of graduate students and research fellows serves to cultivate new ideas and stimulate innovation.

Chemical Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

CEMS does NOT accept applications for full-time Master's degree. If it is your intention to apply for a part-time Masters, while employed in local industry, please contact Michelle May, before formally applying.


Michelle May

Graduate Program Coordinator


"Interested in CEMS? Need graduate advising assistance? I’m happy to serve as your first point of contact for CEMS graduate programs."


Ben Hackel

Director of Graduate Studies for Chemical Engineering


"Within CEMS, our commitments to teaching and collaboration drive professional growth for our students as well as scientific progress and technological advances for the world."

Bharat Jalan Headshot

Bharat Jalan

Director of Graduate Studies for Materials Science


"In CEMS, our students gain advanced knowledge and research experience in the highly interdisciplinary field of materials science and engineering, which not only cultivates their abilities, but increases their confidence to become prominent leaders and address the world's most pressing materials science problems."