Integrated Degree Program (4+1, Bachelor’s/Master’s)

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Students enrolled in either the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (BChE) or Bachelor of Materials Science & Engineering (BMatSE) are now eligible to apply for the Master of Science in Data Science for CEMS (MSDSCEMS) prior to starting the final year of their undergraduate degree. 

This program is exclusively for undergraduate students pursuing degrees in chemical engineering or materials science and engineering at the University of Minnesota. The IDP allows students with strong academic performance to take additional credits (up to 12 credits) at undergraduate tuition rates during their last two semesters, which can be applied towards the Master of Science in Data Science for CEMS. Note: these credits cannot be applied to the undergraduate degree (i.e.: no “double dipping.”).

Benefits of the Program

The MSDSCEMS was designed in response to industry needs for adopting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to develop innovative products and optimize day-to-day operations. It emphasizes statistics, computing, data analysis, and optimization and their application in chemical engineering and materials science. The integrated Degree Program will allow for easier completion of the MSDSCEMS within a year after finishing your Bachelor’s degree.

Application Process

  • Be pursuing either a chemical engineering or materials science and engineering degree.
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the time of application or a strong recommendation from a CEMS faculty member of instructor
  • Complete or have in-progress* the following prerequisite courses: 
    • Programming requirement (CSci 1103, CSci 1113, or CSci 1133)
    • Algorithms requirement (CSci 3041)
    • Statistics requirement (Stat 3021 or Stat 3301)*
  • Apply by May 31 for fall consideration.
  • Apply through the Graduate School online application system - including application fee, transcript, statement of purpose, and two letters of recommendation (one must be from a CEMS faculty member). 
  • Note on your application if you plan on doing a project-based MS or a course-based (Plan B or Plan C)

*Note: Students need to at minimum have the programming requirement (CSci 1103, 1113, or 1133) completed at the time of admission. The other two courses required for admission could be completed in the senior year. 

Sample Plans



Other Considerations

  • Students are advised to work with their Department Advisor to confirm they are on track for this program, and complete the advising worksheet
  • Students may apply when they have one year (two semesters) remaining of their undergraduate career
  • Students may transfer a maximum of 12 credits at the graduate level (5XXX or above) to the graduate program taken during their final two semesters of the undergraduate career (so, if students take ChEn/MatS 5803 in the fall, it could go towards their MSDSCEMS as long as it is not counting towards their undergraduate degree). 
  • Students cannot complete their undergraduate degree and the MSDSCEMS simultaneously (meaning they can’t graduate in May 2025 with both their undergraduate degree and the MSDSCEMS).