Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity

This page is meant to give an overview of many DEI-related efforts that members of the CEMS community are involved in. If you have suggestions, please contact the CEMS DEI Working Group (link at the bottom of the page).


The Chemical Engineering and Materials Science department is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive and supportive environment for all students, of every race, nationality, gender/sexual identity, and religion.


Diversity in our backgrounds and perspectives brings strength to our department, and is central to our collective teaching, research, and outreach missions and our interactions across the University and the local community.


CEMS engages in outreach targeting students, teachers, and the general public in order to increase their exposure to science and engineering and their understanding of the impact it has on our daily lives and the future of our planet.


The CEMS DEI Working Group consists of students, postdocs, staff and faculty appointed  by the department to drive efforts toward a more equitable and inclusive environment.