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The Chemical Engineering and Materials Science department is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive and supportive environment for all members of the department, of every race, nationality, gender/sexual identity, disability status, and religion. We continually seek ways to renew our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion within our department.

Graduate Student Committee

Graduate Student Committee (GSC) is a closed group of students (2 members per class) who act as liaisons between the students and the department administration. Their main function is to provide a safe, positive, and fulfilling environment for students. They often work behind the scenes to enhance the department by creating programs or events.

CEMS Women's Group

CEMS Women's Group is a collaborative effort by CEMS women and non-binary folks to advance gender equity within our department through cooperative relationships and build connections with professional women and non-binary folks in science and engineering who are currently working in industry, academia, government agencies, or national labs. Events include guest speakers, group discussions, and outreach opportunities. We seek new leadership at the end of each school year, and we actively encourage female and non-binary graduate students and postdocs to engage in and lead Women's Group events throughout the year.

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CEMS Students Organizing Against Racism (SOAR) Group

CEMS Students Organizing Against Racism (SOAR) Group is a group made up of students who are passionate about building towards an anti-racist CEMS that is supportive of and welcoming to all. The group is divided into subteams devoted to Outreach, Recruitment & Retention, and Education & Evaluation and undertakes initiatives to foster equity and inclusivity among students, as well as making recommendations to the CEMS DEI Group for department-wide initiatives. More details on membership and current work can be found on the CEMS SOAR website.

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Discussions and Communications

CEMS Faculty Statement

In June 2020, the CEMS faculty issued a statement responding to the murder of George Floyd here in Minneapolis, acknowledging the emotions of the community and putting forth a renewed commitment to equity and diversity in the department.

CEMS Grad Mentorship program

Starting in the Fall of 2020, each incoming first year graduate student will be paired with one or more current graduate students to serve as mentors to get them acclimated to the department and build connections. Students have the option of being paired based on any combination of identity, research group, future career goals, or interests and hobbies. This program is administered by the Recruitment and Retention Team on the CEMS SOAR Group.

Department Potlucks

The CEMS department regularly hosts a number of potlucks that celebrate holidays across the different cultures in the department. Past events have celebrated the Lunar New Year, Diwali and End-Of-Year potlucks.

Friday Afternoon Roundtable

At the end of each month on a early Friday evening, all graduate students and faculty are invited to an informal social gathering with food and refreshments, known as “Roundtable”.

Joint Safety Team

The Joint Safety Team (JST) is a researcher-led organization focused on improving the culture of safety in chemical laboratories at the University of Minnesota. The JST consists of all graduate student or postdoc Laboratory Safety Officers (LSOs) within the Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.

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